Guest Blog Post Policy

Guest Blog Policy Statement for all who intend to engage with a Guest Blog opportunity on the LUXE – Unforgettable Events website:

Thank you for reaching out to us at LUXE – Unforgettable Events, it is appreciated.

Yes we do accept guest blog posts from time to time however we are specific as to subject, context, voice and tone which is important to the information delivery process relative to our business base.

As we are a professional wedding planning, styling and event specialist service and not a dedicated blog site per se, guest blog placement on our site is only considered for upload if it is in the best interest of a collaborative wedding industry process moving forward and provides informative content for the blog site reader who seeks information and or clarification as to their wedding planning journey.

Our process is to have full knowledge of all guest blog content and it is requested that they be submitted by email to [email protected]. They must include the following:

  • Author and date of blog submission
  • Supplier, vendor or venue abn or business registration details plus current business insurance certification
  • The blog title and content overview
  • Any cross promotion through link/s noted in the submission
  • Appropriate content image (jpg format) and written credits
  • All submissions must contain contact details of the author, relevance to our blog philosophy and must stipulate if it is a paid marketing placement or an industry service, supplier, vendor or venue who merely seeks to educate and inform the blog reader of our web content as to best practice, wedding industry information and or collaborative engagement as it is our policy to ensure full disclosure as part of the guest blog opportunity

We support collaborative industry engagement wherever possible however we must know the source of content and it’s intended positioning purpose as our blog site is designed to be informational in its content not sales or promotion oriented.

Commonly we agree to a reciprocal guest blog from LUXE – Unforgettable Events on the website of the guest blogger we add with a view to mutual backlink opportunity at a convenient time.

Any paid freelance written material or marketing agency content which has paid engagement to promote and place content mentioning a client or clients products and or services must be submitted in a separate email of inquiry than that of the guest blog submission.

We reserve the right to decline content that is not in keeping with our business base and professional industry values.

Edits may be made to the guest blog submission to ensure they are within our policy guidelines all of which will be sent to the author for sign off before upload.


Kerrie Wood

Director & Team Leader