Using Social Media Hashtags to Capture Photos taken by Guests on your Wedding Day

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Wedding Planners are creative and logistic masters, or should be – to ensure your day is your way – without fuss no matter where your preferred locations may be. 💫

Creative is self evident and important, however managing logistics is the key component in the wedding planners management skill set. This involves the detailed organisation and implementation of a complex operation across the venues for both ceremony and reception as well as the suppliers and vendors engagement and delivery.

With so many elements in the logistic wheel house across the wedding planning spectrum, it requires a practiced eye for detail to ensure nothing is left out or to chance.

If you want to manage your personal narrative and image content across your social media platforms on your unforgettable day confirm a social media strategy with your wedding planner and develop your very own hashtag #. 👏


A simple acronym or something personally specific to the happy couple will work. Have your wedding planner confirm the originality of your # hashtag and make sure to promote it and its use across all wedding ‘livery’ – on the save the date card, the wedding invitation (on a separate card), the welcome signage and table tops too so it is the primary # hashtag your guests use. This is a good idea for your engagement party too so that you are sure to capture the majority of the candid and happy snaps that your guests have taken on your ‘unforgettable’ day.

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