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At LUXE – Unforgettable Events our wedding planning, coordination and event management experience and service provision is distinctive, diverse and detailed.

Our LUXE Event/WedPlan Packages and Wedding Services have been specifically redesigned to acknowledge the continuing COIVD-19 Australian and NSW Government – Public Health Order (PHO) challenges and impacts. Practical and affordable package options are available responsive to the COVID-19 ‘PHO’ requirements.

Each event designed by LUXE – Unforgettable Events is as unique as you are no matter your location of choice and includes our Pivoting the Wedding Day in 2021 option and other bespoke packages to address the reality of the ‘real world’ capacities moving forward.

We leave nothing to chance as it relates to the planning and delivery of your day for postponed or rescheduled activations as well as new season event and wedding experiences. 

As each event or wedding day is unique there is never a generic build or delivery with us at LUXE – Unforgettable Events therefore each of our service options and package cost structures are also specific to each clients vision for their day all of which will inform your curated experience with us – all service options and packages price on application.

Our wedding planning and event services include expertise across event design, production, venue and supplier relationship development – wherever your event may be, creative and pricing negotiation, contractual arrangements, copywriting for speeches and protocol advice, printed and digital promotional material, logistics, budgeting and on the day run sheets for venues and event personnel which ensures a superior client service experience and outcome.

It is our operational policy to only confirm one wedding and or event per day to ensure that our valued clients have our undivided attention and focus. For very large and formal weddings or events we will only confirm one wedding or event per weekend and therefore bookings with the securing deposit and contract agreement in place is imperative to ensure your day and the level of service you actually require is provided with security and surety.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or clarification regarding our LUXE – ‘WedPlan’ services or cost structures or any other element as we appreciate that every stage of the ‘wedding planning’ journey can be a little daunting and we are only too happy to provide further information as to the wedding/event planning process and journey as well as who “LUXE – Unforgettable Events” is and what we do for our valued clients.

LUXE Event Wedding Planning and Coordination Packages options include:

  • Consulting Services – One-on-one sessions to help get you started with minimal time and financial commitment which provides you with professional advice and helps you stay on track. One to two hour sessions, at an agreed hourly rate, whenever you need support or a debrief during your planning process. This type of support in service is to help you brainstorm, define your budget, style and vision and decide on the best course of action plus what steps to prioritise.
  • Full Service Planner Options – We have two “full service” package options that we can discuss with you and your partner: the LUXE – WedPlan “Optimum and or Bespoke” packages. Both provide you and your partner with a dedicated Wedding Planner who partners with you to help deliver “your day – your way – without fuss”. Your personal wedding planner is your partner, guide and sounding board through the practical, design, creative, technical, contractual, logistic and the financial aspects of the planning and delivery process including the “on the day” coordination – from the start through to the finish of your big day.
  • Wedding Day Coordination Services – For those of you who are nearing the end of your wedding planning process, these services across ceremony only, half day and full day service packages are designed specifically to help you manage the commitments and contractual arrangements you have already made with your venues, vendors and suppliers. This package includes liaison with suppliers, ceremony and venue coordination, signage and promotional material placement, bridal party briefing notes, guest liaison, running sheets and time lines across the day from prep to finish for the wedding party, speakers, MC services, catering staff, photographers and videographers, musicians and entertainment suppliers as well as the venue event staff. We will ensure the day is coordinated from start to finish – on the day – across all locations no matter where your preferred location may be.
  • Pivoting the Wedding Day in 2021 – the live streamed wedding experience package available now. In response to the increasing number of postponed wedding days across Australia, LUXE – Unforgettable Events, in partnership with our on the day team, will plan, style and deliver your wedding ceremony in a unique way – your way without the exclusion of anyone that should be party to your day. This wedding day will be delivered in the ceremony space and to the wedding guests in the form of an interactive, live-streamed wedding experience from your ceremony location of choice. Click to learn more.
  • LUXE – WedPlan Gift Certificates – whether it be for a wedding planning ‘let’s get started’ consultation to assist your ‘favourite couple’ on their wedding planning journey – the right way with professional advice, a full wedding planning service or an ‘on the day coordination’ option, this unique ‘gift certificate’ alternative to the traditional wedding gift, register and or wishing well options will be a treasured and memorable one. A great idea for family and friends of engaged couples. Click to learn more.
LUXE WedPlan - Wedding Planner Gift Certificates

Contact Kerrie and the team to discuss variations to the above services and specifically tailored packages to suit your event and budget.

Wedding and Event Management Terms and Conditions

  • Initial ‘Complimentary’ consultation – duration 1.hr – not available for ‘Consultation’ only service.
  • LUXE – Unforgettable Events *Event/WedPlan Packages and *Event Specialist Consultation Services are an external cost to your agreements with suppliers, vendors and venues.
  • LUXE – Unforgettable Events, when required by our agreement, will partner on your behalf and at your agreement with premium quality venues, vendors and suppliers of choice and event suitability to ensure your vision and budget is effectively managed for you – on your day if your package of choice is specific to this level of service in hours of service in contract.
    Please note – the suppliers, vendors and venues across the event/wedding planning landscape are not officially booked until receipt of the signed contracts and the securing deposits. Agreed payment schedules to and at final balances respective to the supplier’s, vendors and venues terms and conditions will require strict compliance for the contract “in service” by the Event Service to remain viable.
  • All supplier, vendor and or venue costs are additional to your LUXE – *Event/WedPlan Package of choice with all contracts for third party services, product items and supply being strictly between the Client and the third party suppliers, vendors and venues specific to the third party terms and conditions.
  • All additional third party costs can only reasonably be confirmed when your budget, locations, style and theme for your event, ceremony and reception has been identified which will inform the “next steps” in this planning and coordination process.
  • Styling of your event or wedding from planning to delivery by mood and vision boards is a specific, detailed and an additional service usually attached to the *Event/WedPlan & Styling Bespoke option #7, however we are able to provide an ‘on the day’ styling in situ for an additional *styling fee if required and costs are again unique to the specific detail required on the day by hours of engagement to achieve your desired vision. Prep time is required as are site visits.
  • Seating Plans across event, ceremony and reception spaces are time consuming and detailed, as they need to be to *scale – if you require this level of service please advise soonest as these are additional elements to your package of choice and will require floor plans to scale from the venues and second site visits by us for accuracy in plan.
  • Cleaning and transport services plus “ad hoc” or last minute additional services e.g. “bar service and attendant/s etc. at the ceremony site are external supply services and will need to be sourced at additional cost to you (the client) – these services are not part of any of our LUXE- *Event/WedPlan Package in service options.
  • Additional hours can be negotiated at any time if required due to multiple venues and sites, suppliers and vendors or with additional client requirements outside of the scope of any package and or any of the *Event/WedPlan Package options of choice within the terms and conditions of service hours. All package cost schedules are based on hours in service specific to the client’s stated service requirements throughout prep, planning and on the day delivery – *this is often underestimated by clients and therefore we remain flexible as to variations of service hours by mutually agreed consent to either upgrade a package or add additional hours by hourly rate specific to your actual requirements.
  • Any default at the client level and or non-compliance with any and all terms and conditions across suppliers, vendors and venues party to the development and delivery of your event will render the contract with the *event service void.
  • All invoices for agreed items through “third parties” e.g. suppliers, vendors and venues will be billed direct to the client (you) from the respective supplier, vendor or venue.
  • Out of pocket expenses by the Event Service will be billed by separate and itemised invoice post the event or wedding day.
  • If an assistant is required on the day of your event an additional cost will need to be factored in at a mutually agreed daily or hourly rate based on industry standards. This is usually only the case for “multiple sites” to be coordinated e.g. preparation area, transport to a photography site, the ceremony and photography sites as well as the reception site on the day of the wedding and or rehearsal events.
  • An *assistant coordinator will be required for all events hosting 50 plus guests and for more than one site to be coordinated on the day or with venues that require travel between sites – on the day.
  • For all weddings and events 40 kilometers (plus) outside of the “Sydney CBD” a travel time “cost” will be applied at $50 per travel hour. Travel time commences from the time the principal planner travels past the 40 kilometer mark from the Sydney CBD until arrival at the contracted ‘event’ venue and of course the return journey. For your convenience the travel components will be tabulated in ‘15 minute’ blocks and itemised as a separate item number on your final invoice. This travel time also applies to any event or wedding that will conclude after midnight for all LUXE – Unforgettable Events personnel in service – on the day.
  • Should your event or wedding be a “destination” or out of town event it is agreed that you (the client) will provide “reasonable” and mutually agreed accommodation at the or close to the event site for the duration of the bump in / out period, delivery and coordination of the event. You also agree to provide the same if an assistant coordinator is required to facilitate your event. Similarly appropriate meals will also be provided and traveling time allowance, which will be billed at an hourly rate of $ 70 for the principal “LUXE” specialist and in the case of an assistant coordinator at half his/her billable ‘on the ground’ hourly rate.und’ hourly rate.
    *For your convenience these will be tabulated in 15 – minute blocks.
  • Additional consultations hours outside of the hourly consults confirmed within your ‘Package’ of choice is rated at an Hourly Rate of $100 or by agreed package upgrade. This then becomes a variation to the original service agreement and will require an upgrade schedule amendment to the performance contract.
  • Upon confirmation of partnering with LUXE – Unforgettable Events and your chosen package a 25% deposit is payable within 7 days together with the signing of our agreement. Invoicing for progress payments for your package throughout our partnership will be by a mutually agreed cost structure and payment schedule, with final payment being made 40 days prior to your event date, or for an “on the day” coordination service package, 10 days prior to the event date.
  • Any *Event/WedPlan Package that is agreed in principle for a wedding or an event development and delivery which is only 4 – 6 weeks out from the intended date will require 100% payment in full for the package of choice to enable our service to commence and engage on your behalf across the supplier, vendor and the venue landscape. All supplier, vendor and venue terms and conditions will require strict observation to ensure that the service supply has continuity and collaborative engagement to deliver the event as per client instructions.
  • Both parties can in writing renegotiate and or introduce variations or upgrade package options, and upon a consensual agreement an amendment to the original contract will be made and signed accordingly.
  • All “third party” agreements to be cancelled or terminated will be directly facilitated by you (the client) and LUXE – Unforgettable Events is “held harmless” as to any third party outstanding invoices and fees.
  • LUXE – Unforgettable Events accepts no liability for third party agreements, Acts of God (FORCE MAJEURE) cancellations by third party suppliers, vendors and venues and or incapacitation due to unforeseen events by third party agreements.
  • Non-compliance or non performance of the clients/s in contract with and to the “Event Service” and third party suppliers, vendors or venues for deposit payments, progress payments or final balances due which if not rendered invalidates the suppliers, vendors and or venues services, supply and or products and also releases immediately the “Event Service” from any further performance of contract duty due to the default of said client and the contract with the “Event Service” is effectively void for non compliance by client. All outstanding balances are deemed payable on default.
  • Should a cancellation be made at the request by the client and it is with “no cause” due to any action or performance of service by LUXE – Unforgettable Events, and if (within 40 days of the event), all monies agreed to under contract with LUXE – Unforgettable Events are to be paid in full upon cancellation or termination. For packages that commence within four weeks of the wedding or event the immediate full payment of the agreed “package” is deemed payable at the notification of cancellation.


LUXE – Unforgettable Events’ operational policy is that we do not receive commissions or participate in any form of financial compensation from any suggested supplier, vendor or venue for recommendations of “their” respective service and or product. LUXE – Unforgettable Events merely endeavours to develop engagements across the wedding and event landscape according to best business practice to ensure our clients have the most informed, reliable, satisfying, cost effective and unforgettable planning and “on the day of the coordination” service and experience that is in keeping with our commitment of “excellence” in performance of service to all our valued clients.

Our wedding planner and event management services. Sydney and Australia

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